Yesterday after the storm I went for a short walk on Father Troy’s Trail to stretch my legs.

On the Flatrock side, Father Troy offers spectacular cliffs towering over the ocean, providing thrill-seeking hikers with some edgy viewpoints. The Torbay side of the trail is very different, more of a rural walk than a wilderness hike. On this side the trail leisurely makes its way past fenced meadows and quiet coastal forests, while you can hear both the sounds of Torbay and the ocean. Unspectacular, yes, but easygoing and ideal for just stretching your legs or getting some fresh air.

Here’s a few shots typical from this rural part of the trail, taken on my evening hike, close to nightfall:

Stinging nettles on the fence – Father Troy’s Trail

Easygoing trail – Father Troy’s Trail

Dogberries along the way – Father Troy’s Trail

At Gallows Cove there are several oceanside meadows which are fenced off, but today one of gates was open so I walked down the path a little bit:

Oceanside meadow – Father Troy’s Trail

As you can see, by now the light was fading fast so I started my return walk, this is the scene I walked in on when I came out of the forest:

Moon over Torbay – Father Troy’s Trail

Shortly after sunset and almost back at the car, I took one last shot of the sky behind me as vague anti-crepuscular rays appeared to converge over Torbay Point:

Anti-crepuscular rays over Torbay – Father Troy’s Trail

When I got back home and read the latest update on Karen’s blog I saw that the scenery at Cape Spear was beautiful too that afternoon, she captured some great shots there.