Yes, it’s that time of year again, when yellow rubber ducks can be seen ‘racing’ down Rennie’s River. It was certainly a beautiful day for it and many people showed up both at the start as well as at the finish line and all along the way.

Here’s a few photos from all the excitement:

The race begins - Rennie's River, St. John's

The race begins – Rennie’s River, St. John’s

Rubber Duck #5073 - Rennie's River, St. John's

Rubber Duck #5073 – Rennie’s River, St. John’s

Whenever a bunch of ducks got stuck in a dead end part of the river, the hockey stick crew showed up to help them on their way:

The hockey stick crew - Rennie's River, St. John's

The hockey stick crew – Rennie’s River, St. John’s

This rubber ducky was asking for directions:

"So it's right, left, than straight on?" - Rennie's River, St. John's

“So it’s right, left, than straight on?” – Rennie’s River, St. John’s

After a little more than 90 minutes a lucky duck finally made it to the end:

First duck to the finish line - Rennie's River, St. John's

First duck to the finish line – Rennie’s River, St. John’s