Gibbet Hill is a small peak close to Signal Hill, it overlooks pretty much the whole city of St. John’s and Signal Hill itself, as such it’s an excellent place to go for tourists and locals alike.

Here’s a few shots from up there:

Signal Hill – St. John’s

In the next shot you can see the Queen’s Battery, where I was the other day when the musket salute was given. On the right side of the Narrows you can see the forest that hides the steep first kilometre of Deadmans Bay Path, and in the background you’ll find Blackhead and Cape Spear beyond that:

View of the Queen’s Battery – St. John’s

Blurry Geo Centre – St. John’s

On top of Gibbet Hill you’ll find two information signs, one of them telling about the old practise of “Gibbeting”:


In the 1700’s, “gibbeting” involved dipping the body of an executed criminal in hot tar, encasing it in an iron cage and chains, and hanging it in a public place until it rotted – often many haunting months later. The practice was intended to discourage would-be criminals, but it was also offered as “a comfortable sight to the relations and friends of the deceased (victim)”.

Next to that story is this charming drawing: