16° Celsius: sweet bliss…

With no wind to speak of, today was just about perfect T-shirt weather for me. I took a morning boat trip into the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve where I saw 1 very large seal and a surprising amount of puffins, like maybe a 100 of them when I wasn’t expecting any at all this late in the season. As a bonus, every last one of these puffins had a beak filled with fish!

Atlantic puffin with lunch – Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

When a further search of the Ecological Reserve came up empty, we had a quick look at the East Coast Trail near the Bull Head Light, the trail was thick with hikers there, I counted about 20 of them in all.

Lots of hikers on the East Coast Trail – Spout Path

Tinkers Point Path

To regain my ‘land legs’ after the boat trip, I stretched my legs for a bit on Tinkers Point Path, which runs from Mobile to Tors Cove:

A beautiful day – Tinkers Point Path

Woodland trail – Tinkers Point Path

Woodland berries – Tinkers Point Path

Deep Cove viewpoint – Tinkers Point Path

Kearneys Beach – Tinkers Point Path

Near Tinkers Point – Tinkers Point Path

Along the trail I found an abundance of blueberries, but they were all very small:

The blueberries are late – Tinkers Point Path

I guess summer came too late for the berries to grow to a proper size before it gets cold again…

At Tinkers Point I saw a minke whale feeding in the bay, I stopped to enjoy my lunch together with this whale, as it may well be the last time I see one this year.