Marije is in Nova Scotia for 3 weeks and all of my friends are in different time zones, so it’s official: I’m home alone, again.

Home Alone

Home Alone

It was beautiful outside today though, so I drove down South to take a boat trip, hoping the few remaining whales and dolphins would cheer me up. Unfortunately, the tour operators in Bay Bulls were already closed by the time I got there, their shops were open but the two companies I checked with had both cancelled the afternoon run. Go figure.

I drove back and made a right turn at Cape Spear to enjoy a walk in the sun. Pretty soon half a dozen busses emptied a cruise load of Germans onto the Cape, when all I needed was one.

To finish the day I went to Avalon Mall, where I saw a movie in an empty theatre, well, empty except for me of course.

Over the coming weeks, expect to find lots of stuff here about hiking, wildlife and maybe even some sightseeing.