Just moments ago we heard a lot of engine noise coming from our driveway, when we checked it out we realized our quiet Sunday afternoon had abruptly been changed into a Targa racing event. Neither I nor Marije had any idea this was happening today (or in Torbay for that matter), and I was actually kind of worried for a second because I have some plans later tonight. You see, the race track ran right alongside our house and the driveway was taped off, which meant I had no way of going anywhere.

Anyway, the speeding cars were only here for an hour, so from my point of view it was just a brief disruption. Since they were so close by, I took a few shots of all sorts of cars as they passed:

Ferrari Enzo - Torbay

Ferrari Enzo – Torbay

Dodge Viper - Torbay

Dodge Viper – Torbay

Fiat 500 - Torbay

Fiat 500 – Torbay

Lotus Exige - Torbay

Lotus Exige – Torbay

Dodge Challenger - Torbay

Dodge Challenger – Torbay

Mustang GT - Torbay

Mustang GT – Torbay

Yellow Corvette - Torbay

Yellow Corvette – Torbay

These guys decided to take a shortcut:

Nissan 350Z - Torbay

Nissan 350Z – Torbay

Note: You’ll have to excuse me if I got any of the car names wrong, I have no feeling or interest for this sort of thing whatsoever.