This morning Marije dropped me off at the Outer Cove viewpoint on Marine Drive, starting me off on an easy 7.5 km hike home. My hike included a bit of road walking on Marine Drive and all of Silver Mine Head Path, here’s a few shots from along the way:

The trail on Ship Cove Point – Outer Cove

Middle Cove beach, seen from Marine Drive – Middle Cove

Old welcome sign – Middle Cove

On the beach I noticed lots of starfish had washed up:

Purple starfish – Middle Cove beach

The next few are from the small section of East Coast Trail called Silver Mine Head Path:

Middle Cove trailhead – Silver Mine Head Path

Forest trail – Silver Mine Head Path

Cliffs – Silver Mine Head Path

Cliffs, Torbay side – Silver Mine Head Path

Along the trail there were all kinds of wild berries:

Raspberry – Silver Mine Head Path

Marshberries – Silver Mine Head Path

Blueberries – Silver Mine Head Path

Blue-bead lillies – Silver Mine Head Path

Please note that these blue-bead lilies are poisonous, you’ve probably seen them on the trail and just in case you were wondering what they were: now you know.

At the end of the trail I walked into town, where I took a shot of this summer day’s sweltering temperature:

26° on September 2nd – Torbay

This last shot shows the familiar view when walking into Torbay:

View of the Bight – Torbay