Here’s a quick update on the current state of wild berries on the East Coast Trail.

  • Bakeapples have come and gone, some patches still have good berries left but they’re hidden well away from the trail.
  • Raspberries are good to go right now in many places, as usual they don’t look super appealing but that’s just the way they are in the wild.
  • Creeping snowberries are ripening right now, give them another week or so for a better taste.
  • Crackerberries are absolutely everywhere, the bigger ones are good to go, but almost tasteless, as usual.
  • Blueberries are popping up all over the place, some are even ready to be picked, but most of them are still in a very early stage.
  • Partridgeberries are still in the earliest stage of development.
  • I haven’t seen wild strawberries yet.
  • I haven’t seen blackberries yet.

Very young blueberries – Sugarloaf Path

Raspberries – Cobbler Path