One of the most prolific meteor showers of the year is here again, unfortunately it will be difficult to see this time around.

The main problem for observers everywhere will likely be the waxing moon, on the peak night it will be shining very bright making it hard to see the meteors streak overhead. One way to get around the moon is to go outside before the peak night, there are a few small windows of opportunity after the moon sets on the next few mornings:

  • Wednesday August 10, 2:20 AM until dawn
  • Thursday August 11, 3:30 AM until dawn
  • Friday August 12, no moonless window, morning before the Perseids peak
  • Saturday August 13, no moonless window, peak of meteor activity

Of course, here in Newfoundland the trouble with the moon is easily overshadowed by the lousy weather. It has been foggy and rainy all week, and while things cleared up a little bit yesterday we have enough clouds left to obscure the whole show.

Still, it’s worthwhile to go outside, perhaps the small moonless windows mentioned above are accompanied by small windows of clear sky, giving you a few glimpses of the 2011 Perseids meteor shower after all.

Good luck!