After the 27th and the 28th, today was another day of plenty for Middle Cove beach, plenty of capelin, that is.

Now I have only been in Newfoundland for 3 years so when I say I’ve never seen so many capelin before it doesn’t mean much, but I’ve spoken to lots of local people on the beach today and they all agree this year’s bounty is fantastic. One seasoned fisherman claimed he had never seen them roll in such numbers, we’ve been very lucky these last few days!

After four days on the beach I’m still finding new ways of enjoying myself, the rolling capelin remain spectacular but there’s more to see than just a live version of the Animal Channel, here’s some more shots from Middle Cove:

Say it with capelin – Middle Cove

Cleaning capelin on the beach – Middle Cove

A girl goes in with white legs, comes out with pink ones – Middle Cove

A herring gull swoops down for lunch – Middle Cove

Proud of a good catch – Middle Cove

Letting them slip through your fingers – Middle Cove

Shopping, Newfoundland style – Middle Cove

When looking at the next picture, please remember that these capelin are not dead, they are dancing and moving like in the video I posted yesterday:

Capelin everywhere… – Middle Cove