It’s all happening right now, capelin arrived yesterday and are still rolling today.

A big thank you from me to everyone who took the time to comment on the Capelin Calendar, it really helps when everybody keeps an eye on the beach and shares their information on the web.

I was out on the beach today for a few hours, you may have spotted me: I was the guy walking around in the middle of capelin-filled waters with a monopod instead of a scoop net. I had a lot of fun and so did everybody else, the whole beach had a big smile on their face, young and old.

Here’s some shots from today:

Capelin rolling on the beach – Middle Cove

Catching capelin with a scoop net – Middle Cove

Catching capelin with a trash can – Middle Cove

Trying to catch capelin with an umbrella – Middle Cove

Put ’em in a bucket – Middle Cove

Put ’em in a bag – Middle Cove

Or, just put ’em in a Fruit Salad Supreme – Middle Cove

I thought that last shot was pretty funny, but that’s probably just me.