I just dropped off my mom at the airport, today was the last day of her two week visit to Newfoundland. In all this time we had great fun, hiked a lot of trails, saw a lot of wildlife and did a lot of new stuff, some of it even brand new to me.

Since we didn’t hike a proper trail yesterday, we made time for one today. After some consideration concerning trail difficulty, we decided on Stiles Cove Path, a trail that never disappoints. We saw dozens of squirrels and a hat-trick of whales: Minkes, Humpbacks and Finbacks, it was definitely a grand finale to my mom’s stay here.

Here’s a few shots from this last day:

Mom at Small Point Cove - Stiles Cove Path

Mom at Small Point Cove – Stiles Cove Path

Mom at Dog's Hole Falls - Stiles Cove Path

Mom at Dog’s Hole Falls – Stiles Cove Path

Departure - St. John's International Airport

Departure – St. John’s International Airport

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve updated this blog every single day for these past two weeks. I did this partly because I was able to, after all we stayed close to home. But the main reason for doing it was that my mom would be able to ‘relive’ these two weeks once she got home.

Now that I’m alone for a week (Marije is in Halifax for work), I’m going to update the blog a lot less because I’m going to be on the trail most of the time and in my bed the rest of the time.