Today was the day before last of my mom’s visit to Newfoundland. The weather started out with RDF (Rain, Drizzle, Fog) so we were not sure what to do; driving around I figured the weather might possibly be better further inland, so we drove to Terra Nova National Park (~260km away) to see what it was like there.

On the way over we saw lots of F, some R and plenty of D, from time to time even some S, and ended up with RDF again at Terra Nova. Now, RDF is no good reason to stay inside, so we hopped into the first tour boat we could find and had a great time on the waters of Newman Sound.

The boat we were on was a RHIB and on our tour we saw a lot of scenery, bald eagles, and a brief splash made by either a dolphin or a porpoise. Here are some pictures:

Out trip on Newman Sound – Terra Nova NP

Flying over the water – Newman Sound, Terra Nova NP

The typical coastal scenery we saw – Newman Sound, Terra Nova NP

A game of ‘Spot the Eagle’ – Newman Sound, Terra Nova NP

On the way back home we stopped over at Bellevue beach to stretch our legs for a bit:

Taking a picture – Bellevue Beach