Today’s the first day of summer. No really, I’m not kidding. All that rain and fog we’re having, it’s all part of the show. Enjoy!

What I would like to have done on this summer’s solstice is take photographs of the sunrise and sunset, after all both are now in their most northerly positions. But because of all this RDF we’re getting no rises or sets of anything. I haven’t even seen a starry night sky for over a month, only clouds and fog. Oh well, that’s life in Newfoundland for you.

This is what we did today in the RDFS (S for Sun, RDF for you know what).

Fog on Middle Cove beach – Middle Cove

Fog on the trail – Silver Mine Head Path

Crossing Houlihans River – Silver Mine Head Path

Fog on the cliffs – Silver Mine Head Path

After this gentle walk on Silver Mine Head Path we hiked up the considerably more daunting Sugarloaf Head in Logy Bay, then back down to the Ocean Sciences Centre:

Walking up the headland – Sugarloaf Path

Mom enjoying the view from Sugarloaf Head – Sugarloaf Path

Mom at the Touch Tank – Ocean Sciences Centre, Logy Bay