After a few days of drizzle and fog we had another beautiful day today, lots of sunshine and great hiking temperatures around 10° Celsius. Before we went hiking, we stopped by at the beach in Holyrood where we saw the capelin roll yesterday.

There was little to see there, a few people were still scooping up capelin but they were all dead, these were yesterday’s capelin that were scattered all over the beach as well.

Scooping up the leftovers – Holyrood

Dead capelin on the beach – Holyrood

Dead or alive, the birds couldn’t care less, they were still very interested in this free meal:

Herring gulls diving for capelin – Holyrood

This little nocturnal bird should have been asleep but apparently this opportunity was too good to miss:

Leach’s Storm Petrel – Holyrood

Tern gobbles down a capelin – Holyrood

I hope the capelin will roll again soon, if you have some capelin news please share it on the Capelin Calendar.