It doesn’t matter if you call them caplin or capelin, the little guys are rolling in Holyrood right now… With this early Holyrood arrival I’ve decided to start my daily checkups of Middle Cove beach for my Capelin Calendar too.

Spawning capelin – Holyrood

Mom with some capelin – Holyrood

When we heard the news on the radio this morning we were preparing to leave for Gros Morne and beyond, but now our plans have changed. Holyrood is practically on the way to Gros Morne so we stopped there to see if there was any truth to the matter and yes b’y there was.

We didn’t find any activity on the main beach but on a smaller beach just to the north the capelin were rolling in by the thousands. People were loading up bucket after bucket, some even brought those big green grocery bags which were quickly filled to capacity.

Here are some more shots:

Scooping up capelin – Holyrood

Bucket loads of capelin – Holyrood

Catching them with just your hands – Holyrood

Out of the net, into the bucket – Holyrood

CBC news was there too – Holyrood