Marije and I went on a boat tour of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve today, a trip we had promised ourselves as a gift for our 14th anniversary which was a few weeks ago. Within a minute of leaving the docks we saw an otter in the harbour, a very good start of our trip even though it was too quick for me to take a picture of.

The tour that followed was completely seabird oriented; whales had been spotted earlier this week but today we didn’t see any, which meant our wildlife checklist was a straightforward roundup of all the usual feathered suspects:

Kittiwakes – Gull Island

Atlantic puffin – Gull Island

Razorbills – Gull Island

Common murres – Gull Island

After a brief visit to Gull Island came Green Island, a much smaller and rockier place right in the middle of the Reserve. Folks familiar with this tour will remember the massive swarms of birds over Green Island, from afar it looks like a cloud of insects but up close it’s birds, birds and more birds, everywhere you look:

Lots of common murres – Green Island

Here’s the same picture as above but in a long vertical version:

Lots of common murres (tall version) – Green Island