On rainy days we can always count on a bunch of insects seeking shelter in our home. The most common and numerous visitor is the Carpenter, followed by the occasional Centipede and very seasonally we’ll get a scouting party of huge Carpenter ants.

Today we had a new critter on our doorstep, a Millipede. The small misalignment in our front door must be like an enormous welcome sign to this tiny animal. Marije spotted it walking around and gave it a tour of her hand before releasing it back into our front yard.

Marije studies a Millipede - Torbay

Marije studies a Millipede – Torbay

It’s funny how languages differ when naming animals, in the case of this creature there is a phenomenal depreciation in the estimated number of legs. In Dutch, the literal translation of a Centipede’s name is ‘thousand-leg’, and a Millipede is called a ‘million-leg’. Of course both languages are off on the count of legs, as you will find out when you read the Wikipedia articles I’ve linked to.