Today I enjoyed another fine hike on Spout Path, and so did a lot of other people: I encountered no less than 12 overnight campers and 2 day-hikers, a record number for me and a little too busy for my taste to be honest.

All this trail activity is of course related to the May 2-4 long weekend, which is somewhat of an outdoor/party weekend for many Newfoundlanders:

Tent on the trail – Spout Path

Most of the campsites I passed along the way had a generous assortment of empty beer cans and wine bottles sprawled around the tents, but thankfully most of it was cleaned up by the time I passed them on the way back.

Queens River – Spout Path

I saw the otter again at the same spot I saw it last time (Queens River), and the Spout was spouting mightier than I’ve ever seen it before:

Spout selfie – Spout Path

Today was also the first time I wasn’t tired after the hike, no slogging at the end or anything, 24 km and energy to spare, I was very pleased about that!