Always improving, always expanding, the East Coast Trail Association has recently put in some trail upgrades on the cliffs above Middle Cove. Seen from Marine Drive, these upgrades have been an inviting sight for a while now, so today I accepted their invitation.

This trail starts at the beach – Middle Cove

I have walked this particular trail before, but only now have I found out it’s going to be called Silver Mine Head Path. Brand new stairs and other trail improvements make it an official new section of the East Coast Trail, which will be opened during ECTA’s fund-raising Tely hike this June the 4th.

Short and sweet, the trail runs from Torbay to Middle Cove beach along cliffs and forest, here’s a few shots from today:

New trail infrastructure – Silver Mine Head Path

Trailbed support beams – Silver Mine Head Path

The trail used to go right over the edge in a particularly dodgy way, the forest lane option was ‘available’ back then but you had to be careful not to poke your eye out with the branches and sticks coming at you. Now, the forest lane is cut, cleaned up and cleared, and it’s the obvious way to go:

Trail improvements – Silver Mine Head Path

Part of the trail suffers from considerable erosion damage, don’t approach the edge here:

Erosion damage – Silver Mine Head Path

Below these cliffs there’s a small sea cave:

Small sea cave – Silver Mine Head Path

Forest trail – Silver Mine Head Path

Private property at Freshwater – Silver Mine Head Path

Houlihans River – Silver Mine Head Path

North Pond Brook – Silver Mine Head Path

The trail continues after you cross this small brook by stepping from rock to rock. On the other side, the trail emerges onto Motion Head in Torbay:

Burnt trees at Motion Head – Silver Mine Head Path

Cliffs at Motion Head – Silver Mine Head Path

These cliffs are close to where the path starts/ends on Motion Drive in Torbay. There’s no trailhead there yet, just a big white rock by the side of the road.