After more than 29 months in Newfoundland I’ve finally made it to the top of Cabot Tower. I’d been inside the Cabot before but somehow I always managed to visit it on days when the deck was closed due to adverse weather conditions.

The view of St. John’s and the Atlantic Ocean hardly changes from what you can see from the parking lot, but it’s certainly nice to see Signal Hill itself from a different perspective:

View from the top of Cabot Tower – St. John’s

Foggy weather over George’s Pond – St. John’s

The weather looks dreadful in these photos but actually it wasn’t all that bad, the fog was a bit chilly but it was an on-again off-again kind of thing. Inside the tower there was plenty to see as well, it’s a tiny museum about the history of Cabot Tower:

Old Cabot Tower layout – St. John’s

Flag room in Cabot Tower – St. John’s

Inside Cabot Tower – St. John’s