I’m home again, back from Central Newfoundland. It was a fun trip with lots of sea ice, wildlife and almost 1500 km of lonely roads. After all that highway hypnosis my energy levels were quite low this morning, I had difficulty staying awake after breakfast. Marije managed to convince me it was too beautiful a day to stay inside, so out the door I went, hoping a hike would wake me up.

Old lighthouse – Cape Spear National Historic Site

Cape Spear was my destination, the sun was out in force which meant there was hardly any snow left on the trail, Cape Spear Path runs over the exposed headlands so it’s one of the first trails to see the snow go. The Maddox Cove end of the trail runs through forested hills so the remains of winter are going to stay a bit longer on that part, just like on many of the other paths of the East Coast Trail.

The start of spring – Cape Spear Path

Colourful crowberry heath – Cape Spear Path

Marshberry fields – Cape Spear Path

Blues skies around noon translate to dull scenic shots with harsh shadows, so I paid little attention to the landscape and enjoyed the hike as exercise instead. I walked to the long boardwalk south of North Head and back to the car, a little over 10 km but on this nearly level terrain I consider that an easy hike.