Where are the early icebergs in Newfoundland?

The website IcebergFinder.com says there are no active icebergs at the moment, but that’s just because they’re not looking yet. Last year they started looking in May, I wish they would also report on April icebergs.

Is there a discussion board to check for icebergs until IcebergFinder starts their satellite surveillance season?

If anybody knows the location of an early iceberg please let me know. I’m not trying to start up a new IcebergFinder service but the 2010 season was a bitter disappointment for us here on the East coast, it would be great to see some icebergs in the 2011 season!

For the time being, I just check with the Canadian Ice Service (iceberg charts) and I do regular Google searches for the newest icebergs. This way, I’ve found early icebergs other people posted on Flickr and Twitter.

UPDATE / April 26

There was a map here but I have removed it because IcebergFinder has started their surveillance service.