Today I was looking for something to do and ended up in Calvert, where quite by chance I bumped into a hunter. After the usual banter I asked him if there was anything good to see nearby; he wasn’t sure he got the question but when he noticed my camera he said he just saw two thousand Eider Ducks near Stone Island, perhaps this was something to take a picture of?

‘Yes, probably…’, I smiled. I figured two thousand ducks would be quite a sight, so I followed his directions and headed up the trail with two cameras and a tripod.

At the end of the Stone Island Trail I gazed onto the ocean wondering how I could possible be missing two thousand large sea ducks. But I was, I didn’t see any ducks at all. Then I saw a thin black stripe of sea weed in the water and focussed my long lens on it, bingo: this wasn’t sea weed but these were the ducks:

Common Eiders near Goose Island - Calvert Bay

Common Eiders near Goose Island – Calvert Bay

Not the sight I expected when the hunter mentioned two thousand ducks, but they were very far out, so perhaps this is just the way it was supposed to look. Later the Eiders got a little bit closer so I could see the little dots were actual ducks:

Common Eiders - Calvert Bay

Common Eiders – Calvert Bay

My attention quickly shifted away from the ducks though, when I saw a familiar shape coming up through the water, and then another one. I blinked twice to make sure these were what I thought they were, and then I saw one blowing. Two Humpback Whales surfaced time and time again for the next half hour, before finally swimming out of sight towards Ferryland:

Humpback Whales in March - Calvert Bay

Humpback Whales in March – Calvert Bay

This is very early for Humpbacks to be this close to shore, but hey: I’m not complaining. I’ve updated my Whales page with this newest sighting as well.