Winter is not done yet, and I don’t mind at all.

We had a bit of snow yesterday, about 15 cm, and today the blue skies invited me to come out and play. So, this afternoon I hiked Cape Spear Path for a few hours around sunset. I met a couple of people at the lighthouse, they had seen a humpback whale swimming in the Cape Bay just a few minutes earlier. This must be the familiar whale that spends his winters here, I’ve seen him a couple of times too, well out of season, but not today.

Here are a couple of photos from Cape Spear and from Cape Spear Path:

There were quite a few people gazing through their binoculars trying to spot the whale, but nobody was watching the pretty waves:

Pretty waves – Cape Spear

While I was busy changing lenses I noticed something approaching in my peripheral vision. It was a large eagle heading straight for me, getting closer with every thrust of its broad wings. I quickly attached my long lens and adjusted my settings accordingly, I probably would have gotten a much better shot if I had been paying closer attention to my surroundings:

Juvenile bald eagle – Cape Spear

Hiking Cape Spear Path was very easy today, the snow was tough enough to support me the entire way. I know from memory that the landscape here is quite a bit lower without all this snow to walk on:

My footprints in the snow – Cape Spear Path

A little winter on the trail – Cape Spear Path

On the way back I saw the last sunlight hitting the old lighthouse:

Sun sets on the old lighthouse – Cape Spear Path

When I got back to the car I had a little trouble with my overshoes, it took me about 10 minutes getting out of them because the clasps had frozen shut. When I finally did got them off I rewarded myself with a drink of water from the bottle I had been carrying with me on the trail, only to find that it too was mostly ice… I just filled that thing this afternoon!