Today was a fine day in Newfoundland, not quite spring but certainly not winter either. I hiked the East Coast Trail from the town of Blackhead to Cape Spear and walked back along Cape Spear Drive. Blackhead Path, as this trail is called, is a short hike, just the kind of thing to do on an afternoon like this.

All the way up and down Blackhead the trails were melting, the water was coming down from under the snow in streams deep enough to lose your foot in. In some places the snow was pretty treacherous too, tough enough to walk on one second, breaking away underneath me the next, it snow joke… (ha!)

Here’s a couple of photos:

Gulls at Bottle Cove – Blackhead Path

Gulls are easily startled, I’m not sure why.

The view on top of Blackhead is fantastic, looking west you can sense the city of St. John’s lurking behind the South Side Hills and Signal Hill, and to the east there’s this great view of Cape Spear:

The view on top of Blackhead – Blackhead Path

Here’s an example of trails turning to streams of water:

Watery trails – Blackhead Path

Here’s the view looking back towards Cape Spear on the way back to the car:

View of Cape Spear – Cape Spear Drive