Where’s my snow at? It’s all starting to melt!

Open window - Torbay

Open window - Torbay

I fondly look back to the days I wasn’t even able to open my windows due to piles of snow outside (last week). Now, after a couple of hard hitting warm days, it seems spring is on its way. So: goodbye frozen ponds, rivers, door lock, tripod, camera,.. I’m not sure if I’m around next winter, take care.

Other people are completely giddy about the sudden rise in temperatures and I can imagine why. The city has been one big mess this winter, the snow is brown there, the sidewalks are steep and slippery. On the trail winter is nothing like that, it’s a season where everything looks great, you can easily cross streams and every cliff is covered in shiny glistening ice.

I have nothing against spring of course, but this thawing period between winter and spring is just rubbish. All the snow is melting which makes the trail very muddy. In the places where it’s not muddy, the compacted snow has frozen solid so it’s very slippery. There are also positive sides to this big melt, for example it’s much easier to park your car at the trailhead.

Speaking of cars, we have ours back from the garage. New alternator, new axle, empty wallet.