Two weeks ago I announced that change was coming.

I was referring to today.

The most obvious change to this blog is the new ‘look’. I have implemented a minimalist and dark theme to enhance the presentation and clarity of the images I share here. The previous theme was very bright, causing colourful photos to lose much of their original lustre.

You’ve probably also noticed that I’ve abandoned the conventional two-column layout. I believe it is now easier to focus on the main content, without the distractions of a sidebar. The archive functions that used to live in the sidebar have been moved to the new Archives menu.

Another, less apparent change, has been made to the top navigation menu: two pages have moved in under Home, and the Hiking menu now offers a drop down list linking to the individual East Coast Trail pages.

Another juicy detail: every page now has its own header, just click through the menu to see it change. Lastly, a minor change has been made concerning the links: in the previous theme the links could sometimes be hard to distinguish, in this new theme the bright orange links are positively unmistakeable.

Well, that’s about it I suppose. Welcome to the new newfoundsander.