In the summer time you can hop on a tour boat in Bay Bulls and go see the birds and whales in the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve. From such boats I have seen the Baboul Rocks many times when passing the headlands; today I decided to get a closer look, just for the heck of it. It turns out these small cliffs and sea stacks are pretty, but not very spectacular. The hike to them was very good though.

Mickeleens Path, as this trail is called, was buried under several feet of snow. Deep enough to sink my legs in to over my knees, but that only happened a few times. The snow’s tough upper crust had little trouble supporting my weight for most of the way. Here’s a couple of shots from the trail:

Otter Cove offers a secluded little beach for those who seek a tropical getaway, just look at this crystal clear water!

Otter Cove - Mickeleens Path

Otter Cove – Mickeleens Path

At Upper Red Cove, the spray from a little waterfall had blown up into the trees and got frozen there as art:

Frozen reverse waterfall in Upper Red Cove - Mickeleens Path

Frozen reverse waterfall in Upper Red Cove – Mickeleens Path

Here’s the turn around point of my 6 kilometre winter hike, the Baboul Rocks. I should have gotten there earlier so I wouldn’t have had to deal with these dark shadows:

Baboul Rocks - Mickeleens Path

Baboul Rocks – Mickeleens Path

Stupid me: I forgot to bring a drink along, so instead of drinking, every now and then I crushed up some clean and fresh powder and munched it away. Very cold, very refreshing. I also found some Marshberries which were tart, but pretty good eat’n.

Back at the car I figured I might as well pay a visit to Tors Cove, which is not far from Witless Bay anyway. Beats having to come back for it, that’s for sure. Here’s one shot from the back roads of Tors Cove:


The Cribbies – Tors Cove

On the way home I was basically riding into the sunset. I saw a tall sun pillar reaching for the sky and I was hoping to get to Torbay before it disappeared, luckily I managed to do just that:

Sun Pillar - Torbay

Sun Pillar – Torbay