One of the things I love most about winter is the way animals leave their tracks in the snow; this way, even if you don’t see the animals themselves at least you know they’re around.

This morning I tried to find the otters in Petty Harbour again, I’ve seen them there before and I figured it was a nice enough day for another try. Unfortunately, I didn’t find them but I did find some other creature’s strange tracks:

Strange animal tracks in the snow – Petty Harbour

Like an impromptu Sherlock Holmes I followed the tiny footprints as they came up from under a fishing stage, into the snow, around a dry-docked boat and all the way to the snow crab traps that are waiting for a new season. There, the critter’s track disappeared, perhaps blown away by the snow or perhaps it’s just taking a nap among those traps right now.

Back home, I had a look at several animal track patterns in a guide and one possible candidate for these mysterious impressions is the muskrat. I know there are muskrats in Newfoundland so who knows, maybe that’s the culprit.

Anyway, here’s a couple more shots from this morning:

Plenty of colour today with a blazing sun and blue skies overhead:

Snow crab traps and a boat – Petty Harbour

You won’t see a seal trying to crawl onto this wharf, much too steep:

The wharf – Petty Harbour

There should be more green houses:

Green house on South Side Road – Petty Harbour