Today was my monthly stab at a Signal Hill moonrise shot. I had it all planned out, honestly. I had settled on two suitable spots in downtown St. John’s, before the snow came down to spoil the whole thing. I followed the incoming flurries on several webcams and it looked like a lost cause to me, so I settled in for the night.

Much to my chagrin, when the hour was at hand, the clouds opened ever so slightly to offer a prepared photographer a unique shot of a full moon over a snowy Signal Hill, including flurries! Regrettably, yours truly had prematurely abandoned his ‘preparedness’, which means I had to watch the whole thing on HarbourCam from my couch.

So, this one’s not from me but straight from the webcam:

HarbourCam moonrise - St. John's

HarbourCam moonrise - St. Johns