flight -noun

1.  a trip by an airplane
2.  an act or instance of fleeing; hasty departure

A flight to Holland

A flight to Holland

Surprise! I’m away from Newfoundland for the very first time in over two years!

The surprise part of it is that I didn’t know about this trip myself until a couple of days ago. You see, my mother is celebrating her birthday and I figured: why not stop by in person, instead of just via video chat. To make a short story even shorter: I kept it to myself, quietly booked a flight to Holland and my mom won’t find out about my visit until her doorbell rings 🙂

In case you’re wondering, yes my mom reads this blog and no the surprise is not spoiled by me writing this. I’ve scheduled this post to be published shortly after my arrival at her house, which means that as you are reading this, I’m already there.

As a consequence of this impromptu flight across the Atlantic, this blog will be quiet for a while. There will probably be little or no news from me, and certainly nothing regarding ‘Living in Newfoundland’, which is after all what this blog is about.

So, see you later, when I return to my home sweet home: Newfoundland.

UPDATE: I’m in Holland now.

Hello everybody, I just wanted to let you know everything worked out great: my mischievously unannounced visit was implemented with split second precision, with the vital help of Marije’s parents.

I arrived on the scene on the exact minute I had planned, while Marije (still in Canada) was keeping up the ruse through a video chat (“I think he’s coming out of the shower now”), as people inside were expecting me to appear on the computer screen, just seconds before they heard me knocking on the front door.

Everybody was very surprised and happy to see me, and I received a very warm welcome!