When this blog goes without new posts for a while it usually means one of two things: either I’m very busy outside or I’m very quiet inside. Sometimes these occurrences manage to line up, for instance earlier this week I was very active on the trail, so active in fact that I busted up my knee and ankle. The days after the fall I stayed inside to ‘nurse’ them back to normal. Now, I’m up to a point where I feel I have to use my legs again in order for them to properly function next week, so today I’ll probably look for an easy hike on the ECT. Shouldn’t be a problem, it’s not like the trails are slippery or anything; oh wait a minute, yes they are. Scrap that idea, I’ll be staying inside again.

At home, I’m keeping busy by browsing through a sizeable catalogue of photos from yesteryear, going back to the early nineties. I can now only look at the days I could run down a volcano and arrive at the bottom unscathed. That was a long time ago though, I’m in my thirties now which means I have to be more careful. Biologically speaking, peak fitness occurs around the age of 18, after that it’s all downhill, which for me is all too often quite literally an unfortunate reality of the trail.

Be kind to your knees!