On my way to pick up Marije today I saw a moose standing by the side of the road. I slowed down and the moose looked up and studied me for a minute, not concerned one bit.

I decided to park my car next to it and opened up a window so I could get a better look, when I saw 2 more moose gently strolling out of the forest; they joined the other moose in a someone’s front yard. The 3 moose were obviously related, a mom and her 2 teenage kids. The kids were fooling around quite a bit but mom wasn’t having any of it.

After quietly enjoying the show for 5 minutes or so I drove on to the OSC to collect Marije and on the way home the 3 moose were still there, now in someone else’s front yard. These people were at home and very pleased with the moose family on their lawn, the 2 teenage moose strayed very close to their house and even pressed their faces up to the door and windows, much to the excitement of the children inside the house:

Mom up close and kids near the house – Logy Bay

We enjoyed this show together for about half an hour, before the teenage moose became too boisterous for mom (they almost ran into our car) and she chased them off into another yard, which was too dark to properly see them in.