I would love to say ‘snow is here’, but since temperatures are well above zero it’s just rain that’s coming down.

Apparently I’m the only one who longs for actual winter, I spent most of my day on the road and I had to listen to every single DJ getting all giddy over the warm weather, it’s December for crying out loud, I wants me some snow!

Anyway, here are some pictures from my long drive through a rainy Irish Loop today:

Wind farm – Fermeuse

I had seen these turbines before from a distance a few times when driving the Irish Loop, today I decided to get a closer look. Walking up to them I soon realized they were further out then they appeared to be, these things are absolutely huge. Walking underneath them was kind of spooky, with the gigantic blades ripping the sky above me to shreds.

Low tide – Brigus South

In Brigus South I got chased by the same dog twice. Crazy mut. The small harbour was quite scenic, even with all this dreary weather…

Famous house – Tors Cove

This picturesque scene from Tors Cove with the nice red house may look familiar to you, it was used in lots of commercials to promote tourism in our province. I know it’s not very original of me ‘copy’ this well known view, but hey, I hadn’t been there before so it was new to me.