There’s a bird in Quidi Vidi that doesn’t like me. I’ve tried taking her picture a couple of times but she gets very nervous when I come within a hundred metres of her perch.

‘She’ is a very pretty, and very active belted kingfisher. When conditions are just right, she dives down every other minute, coming up with little fish which she then dispatches without further ceremony.

In Holland we have kingfishers too, but they‘re very different from these Canadian ones. They’re a lot smaller for one thing, a lot more colourful too, and they knock their fish out cold on their perch before consuming them. This belted kingfisher just shakes her wriggly fish around for a second and then gobbles them up.

The funny thing is, today I wasn’t even trying to take her picture. I only took this photo when she was complaining about my presence for several minutes. Or maybe she was trying to get my attention since I was busy taking pictures of this guy:

River otter – Quidi Vidi