While Northern Canada and large parts of Europe are currently experiencing what life in the freezer is like, Newfoundland has so far managed to elude winter’s grasp.

We’ve had light flurries coming down all through November, but nothing really stayed around for long, usually the snow was gone by the next day, like it should be in November.

Today, winter is making another pass at us, and most people coiled away from its cold hands. I was up on Signal Hill this morning and while yesterday was pleasant and sunny, today was bitter cold and bone-chilling. There was nobody else up there so I was able to enjoy the invigorating winds by myself, even though they tried to knock me down a couple of times. Any day now, I’ll have to take my overshoes out of the closet again and wear them for a better grip on the icy roads and trails.

A light cover of snow – St. John’s

Cygnus coming in from the cold – St. John’s

Always Tim Hortons – St. John’s

On the way home I stopped in Outer Cove for a second, construction crews have been busy there replacing the old bridge with a new one. This little project has been going on since April so I’m relieved we’ll soon be able to use our regular way to work again.

Brand new bridge almost done – Outer Cove

As you can see the new bridge is looking pretty good so enjoy it while it lasts, any day now some sullen teenager will come along and put his ‘signature’ on it.