Walking to Stiles Cove from the ‘halfway trailhead’ on Satellite Road isn’t a real hike, it’s a little hike. This short trail to Half Moon Brook is more like a fancy walk really, with several beautiful ocean viewpoints at the end.

Today the sun was shining bright and there was no wind to speak of, so it was almost T-shirt weather for me, almost. Here’s a few pictures of this typical November day:

Ice on the trail – Stiles Cove Path

Antislip boardwalk – Stiles Cove Path

Stiles Cove viewpoint – Stiles Cove Path

A little cave on a little hike – Stiles Cove Path

Cliffs & Ocean – Stiles Cove Path

This last scene left me staring at the ocean for a while, trying to find something in the water: last summer, I saw so many whales in this spot that even now in fall it seems strange they’re gone.