Tonight, or rather very early tomorrow morning, you might see quite a few ‘shooting stars’ over our Newfoundland skies. The local weather forecast is ‘cloudy with clear breaks’ so as of yet it’s uncertain if this November meteor shower will be visible to us at all, the best chance of seeing something will be under a dark sky after the moon has set (3 AM) and before twilight brightens up the place again (5:30 AM).

The Perseid meteor shower was the last substantial meteor shower that was visible here in Newfoundland, the skies were very cloudy on the peak night however so I had to make do with the tail end of the show on August 14th. Since that night, I have been out and about: last month to see a few fleeting Draconids and last week to see several North Taurids; last night the clear sky even offered one early and quite spectacular Leonid.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a good show tonight: welcome 2010 Leonids!


I was out at 3 AM, under completely overcast skies, which means I saw nothing. For tonight, the 2nd peak night, the forecast here in Newfoundland is rainy. If for some reason you are reading this and you’re not in Newfoundland (?!) by all means go out tonight (Nov 17-18) and have a blast!

My own hopes are now firmly fixed on the next meteor shower, which is just before and on my birthday, in December.