For the last few months, Marije has been working long hours, even on weekends. Thankfully she was a bit more sensible this weekend and she actually enjoyed her time off with me. We spent both days together without any work, just relaxing.

Today we went to Bellevue Beach, which is located at a little camping park near the isthmus connecting the Avalon with the rest of Newfoundland. It was closed for the season but we figured they wouldn’t mind a few weary souls strolling on the beach, so we parked our car at the entrance and spent a few hours watching the waves, the shorebirds and a curious rock formation at the west end of the beach.

Marije studies the water – Bellevue Beach

We got back to Torbay just in time for the Halloween trick-or-treaters, they were dressed up as all sorts of animals, cowboys, superheroes and a princess. Adorable.