Today I hiked the Sugarloaf Path with my hiking buddy Viola.

We started at the south trailhead near Quidi Vidi and slowly but steadily worked our way up to Logy Bay. The weather was fine, nothing special but at least much better than the rest of the week is looking in the forecast. Creature-wise, we saw one eagle and one seal, a rather slow day by East Coast Trail standards, but we were happy to see them nonetheless. šŸ™‚

Fall colours – White Hills, Sugarloaf Path

Looking back on Quidi Vidi – White Hills, Sugarloaf Path

Fall colours in the White Hills were close to the ground, as every little blueberry bush had turned red.

Going down – Bawdens Highland, Sugarloaf Path

After the uphill slog onto Bawdens Highland I was glad to finally go down to the ocean again.

We had a lunch lunch break at the Rags in Skerries Bight, the incoming waves were great to look at, and this is where we saw the seal popping up out of the water a few times:

Incoming waves – The Rags, Sugarloaf Path

Distant seal – The Rags, Sugarloaf Path

On top of Sugarloaf Head:

View from Sugarloaf Head – Sugarloaf Path

The Parlor – Logy Bay

After 6 hours we arrived in Logy Bay, of course the hike really doesn’t have to last that long, but it does when you stop at every single picture opportunity, which we did šŸ™‚