Two locations, one full moon - St. John's

Two locations, one full moon – St. Johns

There was a full moon rising today, the weather was clear enough so I set out to shoot it from 2 locations, both of them aligned with the Cabot Tower on Signal Hill.

Location 1

The first spot was right across town, far away from Signal Hill at 120 metres elevation, which (in theory) would allow me to see the moon just as it was rising. The second try would be 40 minutes later, from practically next door to Signal Hill, with the moon appearing much brighter higher up in the sky.

Haze spoils the show – St. John’s

As you can see the first location wasn’t bad, but the moon only became visible when it rose over a shallow layer of haze stretching the horizon. The haze itself wasn’t visible but when no moon showed up by 5:30 PM it was obvious the first shoot was a bust.

Location 2

Hunter’s Moon rising over Signal Hill – St. John’s

Driving downtown (even at a crawling pace during ‘rush hour’) afforded me a second try from the harbour. By now the sun had set in the west and the moon was a bright beacon over Signal Hill, making the foreground a stark silhouette.

If the weather cooperates tomorrow I’ll try again from yet another location; it will rise a little later in the evening making it appear much brighter directly at moonrise.

Update / October 23

The following day started promising, until this happened right around moonrise time:

Big Clouds over Signal Hill – St. John’s