On my way to the supermarket in St. John’s this afternoon, I stopped at Middle Cove beach to get some fresh air:

Big beach pebbles – Middle Cove beach

Seaweed – Middle Cove beach

There wasn’t a whole lot to see, just a whole lot of RDF.

When a few minutes of searching the beach didn’t lead me to lost treasure, I walked up the Middle Cove trail instead. I noticed ECTA had put in some steps going up the meadow, a welcome change since the last time I was there so I decided to see what else they’d been busy with.

New steps – Middle Cove beach

Soggy forest trail – Silver Mine Head Path

The trail was very soggy and slippery due to all the exposed roots. After a few minutes of dark forest I came out the other end to see that ECTA had indeed put in some more work, putting down a fresh set of stairs and a stretch of boardwalk to facilitate the crossing of Houlihans River/Jones Pond Brook:

Houlihans River – Silver Mine Head Path

The crossing Houlihans River is just about halfway along the trail, this is the view looking back to Middle Cove:

Foggy coast – Silver Mine Head Path

Beyond this point there is one more obstacle before reaching Torbay: Motion River Falls and the crossing of North Pond Brook. It’s possible to cross this brook if you want to, but you’ll likely get wet feet in the attempt, that spot is just begging for a small bridge or some well placed stepping stones.

This trail is now an official part of the East Coast Trail called Silver Mine Head Path