“The sun is shining, the weather is sweet,
it makes me want to move, my hiking feet.”

Of course, I’m merely paraphrasing Bob Marley there but let me tell you, this October sure is nice and warm!

Even now, when the leaves are slowly turning, there are still flowers attracting insects and blueberries ripe for the picking. I enjoyed this lovely day on the trail around Freshwater Bay, a barachois on Deadmans Bay Path near St. John’s. I was joined by my friend Viola on this hike, which was a nice change of pace for me.

Gunners Cove – Deadmans Bay Path

Blue skies and a gentle breeze made this walk a real pleasure, I did feel my knees though, they had a hard time crossing the barachois at Freshwater Bay:

Cobblestone beach / barachois at Freshwater Bay – Deadmans Bay Path

On the other side of Freshwater Bay there’s a narrow headland called Small Point lashing out at the sea, a path leading over the crest gives you a great view onto Signal Hill and the Narrows:

Path on top of Small Point – Deadmans Bay Path

At Small Point we enjoyed a brief lunch and Viola pointed out something black in the waves below us. I figured she must have seen a seal, and when after a few minutes it popped up again we were able to confirm this. Later it turned out there were two seals, diving again and again at the same spot, I suppose it was lunchtime for them too. 🙂

Seal at Small Point – Deadmans Bay Path