Yesterday, Igor wreaked havoc on Newfoundland. Rivers flooded, rooftops blew away, roads washed out, bridges collapsed and trees were uprooted. Torbay, where we live, fared relatively well. We had dozens of power outages until we finally got cut off for the rest of the day, but that’s about it. We enjoyed a quiet candlelight evening after the worst of it was over.

Before that, it was business as usual, Marije had to work all day so I dropped her off at the office in Logy Bay. In the morning, Igor was bad but not that bad so I looked around for things to do. The Fluvarium was open, but the pools were very murky because of the storm, it was difficult to see anything. The employees were surprised to see me, that’s for sure.

Employee at the Fluvarium - St. John's

Employee at the Fluvarium – St. John’s

Driving on, I headed for Cape Spear. There were lots of nutcases on the TCH, and I don’t mean they were nuts because they were out on the road, I mean they were nuts because they were racing by in big trucks, no lights on, doing 110 like it was any other day, while you could hardly see 50 metres in front of you. I took the nearest exit to the city and drove on. Downtown, Duckworth Street looked more like Water Street and there were strange things blowing around in the wind.

Flying Moose - Duckworth Street

Flying Moose – Duckworth Street

Cape Spear was quiet. I mean the traffic, not the weather. There were a few cars parked there, all stormgazers. Every time I go out during a storm it strikes me that people forget how to park their car when they think nobody’s looking, I mean, just look at this guy:

Bad parking job - Cape Spear

Bad parking job – Cape Spear

When I returned home for lunch, the power went out and I stayed at home for the worst part of the storm, until I picked up Marije at 10 PM, after which we enjoyed the aforementioned candlelit evening.

Water for dinner - Torbay

Water for dinner – Torbay