Normal life is steadily returning to the St. John’s area, power will be restored before 11 AM tomorrow and people are cleaning up the city.

I just came back from driving a few blocks around St. John’s, I also had a look at the storm damage in Bowring Park. It was pretty bad there, but a park surveyor told me Bannerman Park was even worse off.

Blue skies after Igor – St. John’s

Igor does not heed stop signs – St. John’s

In Bowring Park, many of the gravel trails were totally washed away. This is near the Caribou monument:

War monument nearly washed away – Bowring Park, St. John’s

Royal tree struck down – Bowring Park, St. John’s

This tree was planted at the opening of the park in 1914. It’s gone now, a guy that saw it all happen yesterday told me it swayed back and forth for 5 minutes before finally surrendering with a big ol’ crack.

Wild Waterford River – Bowring Park, St. John’s

The bridge over the Waterford River was closed, the trail to it was washed out and some of the gravel eroded the boards. I wonder what they’ll do with it.

Colin Peddle has some great shots from the day of the storm.