This morning I got up early, too early if you ask me. In fact, the stars were still sparkling overhead as I made my way up the South Side Hills in St. John’s.

The rain from yesterday was still fresh on the trail, which means I got myself soaking wet by walking through the wet dense underbrush. Small streams were no longer contained by their riverbeds, instead they crossed the trail indiscriminately, making my uphill slog in this dark forest pretty slippery. As I neared the top, I could see I still had enough time to set up my camera for the early arrival of the Crown Princess.

Now, you may ask yourself why I would climb this steep, slippery, boulder-riddled trail, in the dark, just to see some ship come into the harbour? Well, if it looks like this, why wouldn’t I:

Crown Princess in the Narrows – St. John’s

As the ship entered the Narrows, dawn broke. There were hardly any people out on the ship’s decks, maybe they were inside having breakfast, it was still pretty early. After seeing the ship dock I turned to my own breakfast, there were still lots of blueberries around to be picked.


After I was done picking blueberries I packed up to go home, but not before taking one last shot of the ship in the harbour. The sun was coming in and singled her out like a shining beacon in the city centre:

Sunlit Crown Princess – St. John’s harbour

At 5 PM I returned to St. John’s to have another look when the ship left the harbour, unfortunately the light was flat and the venue considerably less appealing than the East Coast Trail. As the ship passed underneath the Queen’s Battery it was given a loud musket salute, in reply the Crown Princess boomed its deafening horn through the Narrows.

Leaving through the Narrows, bound for New York – St. John’s

In retrospect I should have probably gone to Signal Hill for this farewell shot, so I could have included the musketeers in the shot. Oh well, there’s always next time!