You may have noticed that I’ve added a dedicated page to the whales that are swimming around Newfoundland.

I like seeing whales from a boat but love seeing them from the cliffs. I think it’s just awesome that you can walk here in the forest along the East Coast Trail and hear a whale exhaling just when you were looking at a squirrel or a moose track on the ground. In Holland, all you hear when you’re in the forest is the traffic on the dozens of highways that are never far away.

Anyway, I’ve added information on the whales I’ve seen here so far and some links to pages with much more information on whales here in Newfoundland. I realize the season for watching whales is almost at an end, but I’ve added a comment section to the page to share my recent sightings. You can share yours there too if you like, just like on the capelin calendar. The purpose of sharing this info is to give other people an idea of where to go to see whales.

You can go to the page by using the button on top of the blog:

new on this blog: a Whales page

new on this blog: a Whales page

All the photos that are currently on the Whales page have been taken in the current season.