Last night the skies were mostly clear, so I headed out for a walk on the Beamer in Flatrock hoping to see the tail end of the Perseids meteor shower. There was no moon out so I had an exceptionally clear view of the night sky, I could see the milky way from my driveway in Torbay before even heading out.

At my destination in Flatrock I put down the blanket I’d brought with me, set up my camera to take photos on its own, and laid back to enjoy the show:

Watching the meteor shower – Father Troy’s Trail, Flatrock

I saw many meteors, or shooting stars as some call them. A lot of them were similar to shooting stars I see on every night hike but some were far brighter than others. The bright ones were a surprise to me, as this was my very first time really watching a meteor shower.

When clouds eventually rolled in at 1 AM, I packed up my stuff and went back home.