A six day visit to Gros Morne NP marks the end of a beautiful road trip to the north and west of Newfoundland. The weather was nice, with showers ending just as we arrived and starting up again as we were about to leave. We hiked the tablelands, toured Western Brook Pond, scoured the beach for sea shells and sat down on the ancient bedrock to search for flora and fossils.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Activities Map – Gros Morne NP

Sundew on the Tablelands trail – Gros Morne NP

Southeast Brook Falls – Gros Morne NP

Indian Pipe – Gros Morne NP

Towering cliffs – Western Brook Pond, Gros Morne NP

More photos from our boat trip on Western Brook Pond can be found here.

Resting at the cabin – Gros Morne NP

Walking the beach in Shallow Bay – Gros Morne NP

Green Point – Gros Morne NP

Graptolite Fossil at Green Point – Gros Morne NP

Tomorrow we’ll be back home and we might just be in time to see the capelin return to Middle Cove beach, if they decide to show up at all this year.